This Ex-Voto Plaque is by the renowned French Medalist Jean Baptiste Emile Dropsy (1858-1923). This is a wonderful example of Religious

Antique Religious Plaque, Emile Dropsy

Antique Religious Plaque by Emile Dropsy

Art at it’s finest and features Jesus Christ. (An ex-voto is a votive offering to a Saint or Divinity )      Measurement’s are approx. 270ml. wide x  360ml. high.  The condition is very good apart from the fact it was dropped at some stage and repaired by some one in the past, there does not seem to be any chunks missing and the repair although seemingly done by an amateur is reasonably o.k.  It has a copper plaque set on to what appears to be green marble, which has a brass backing with stand.  (more photo’s can be emailed if needed)   These plaques are rare and have sold at auction for around £800-£1200, the damage on this piece reflects in the low price shown.

Price:  £285.00p.          NOT AVAILABLE……