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Tracey Emin.

Tracey Emin, the well known modern contempory artist, I just love this woman and her work, if I could meet her tomorrow it would make me ecstatically happy, specially if we could form a relationship, professionally or personally or both, “oops I’m dreaming again”, so back to reality. Where some of her critics believe Tracey Emin has no talent and only uses her art as a cry for help, “these are words I have read and not made up”. I personally do not think this, I say to those critics look deeper into those works of art, although Tracey Emin’s work is deemed by some as autobiographical art, which is art reflecting totally her own life. My thought’s are that they are not cries for help and although they may be reflections of happenings and emotions in Tracey’s life they are also reflections on areas of other peoples emotions and lives that are all around us. The fact is, Tracey is more perceptive to those emotions and more sensitive in her ways of humanity and has the artistic ability to use imagination and professional artistic talent to convert them into the visual artistic reality that is Tracey Emins unique brand of art.  Take for instance the famous “Unmade Bed”, what ever you may think it represents doesn’t alter the fact that it became a much talked about and famous piece of work and I think it should have won the 1999 Turner Prize for Art, for which it was a candidate for, being nominated for it is an achievement in its self, but shortly afterwards Charles Saatchi is reported to have paid £150,000 for it. Also, using the words of Henry Moore the great sculptor, “a work can have in it a pent up energy, an intense life of it’s own, independent of the object it may represent”, my thought’s are that this applies to Tracey Emin’s art work.  A true artist in her own right and obviously an intelligent person to have steered her artistic career through over 15 years in the public domain and still a well known artist, so I say, Tracey Emin please keep on producing your controversial, thought provoking and well thought out genius pieces of art work such as the famous Embroided Tent, “Every One I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995″  (1995).

Comments from: Bob Seymour, Colchester Antiques and Fine Art