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Trench Art Aeroplane, c. 1940-1945

   Posted by: Bob

World War II, Trench Art, Broze Aeroplane

World War II Trench Art Aeroplane

A World War Two Trench Art Aeroplane, thought to be a model of the Bristol Blenheim mk. 1 Bomber, made from what looks like bronze, but it may be brass. Would look very nice cleaned up and mounted on a nice base.   Please see payment options.  (click on picture for lager image) SOLD..SOLD..SOLD..SOLD

Price: £22.00p

Bronze, Religious, Plaque by Josef Aumiller

Religious Bronze Plaque by Josef Aumiller

A very nice bronze Religious Plaque by the well known Sculptor and engraver Josef Aumiller (1892-1963).  The plaque comes set in a nice oak frame with solid oak back which measures approx. 245ml. w.  x 315ml. h.  The bronze plaque measurs approx.  140ml. w.  x 210ml. h.   The bronze plaque features Jesus Christ with the crown of thorns upon his head, both the plaque and the frame are in outstanding condition and the plaque is thought to have been produced in the 1920′s-1930′s and was set in to the frame at a later date (late 1990′s) ready to be presented to a leading member of a Ukranian Religious society.   (click on picture to enlarge)    Please see payment options.

Price: £295.00p, includes p&p, for mainland U.K. and Overseas Shipping