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A set of 12, 19th. Century Chinese Water Colour Paintings on Rice Paper in very good condition, they come  framed and glazed in 6 frames which are in reasonable condition. More photos can be sent by email if required. The paintings are estimated to be circa: 1860′s-1890′s, framed at a much later date, 1980′s?  (click on picture to enlarge image)   (ZZ.ZZ.O)290514  (Please enquire about payment details)    Will sell as sets of 2, 3, 0r 4 frames.

Price: £625.00p, includes p&p, Mainland U.K. only.


Nick Grant, The River Dove, Water Colour Painting

Nick Grant, The River Dove, Water Colour

A fantastic water colour painting of the River Dove, at Dove Dale, Derbyshire, by the very talented artist Nick Grant.   (B+AZ)211109   (Click on picture for larger image)   See payment options.

Price:  £90.00p,  SOLD..SOLD..SOLD


Frederick James Aldrige, Water Colour and Pastels, Waterways in Bruges

Frederick James Aldridge, Waterways in Bruges

A pair of wonderfully painted Water Colour and Pastel paintings by the known and very talented Frederick James  Aldridge 1850-1933. Titled Waterways in Bruges. Signed and inscribed and in glazed gilt frames and behind reflective glass. To veiw both these paintings please visit our new Dedicated Art Website,  where we are trading under the name Colchester Fine Art.  If you wish to purchase this pair of fine paintings you may do so on that website. Many Thanks. 

Charles Cooper Henderson, Brown Ink and Pen Study/Drawing.

Charles Cooper Henderson, Cobbler with his Bag and Tools

A very charming brown ink and pen study of a cobbler with his bag and tools by the renowned artist Charles Cooper Henderson and signed with his initials, C.H.C. and inscribed ‘Paris’.  Is in very good condition and comes in a glazed oak frame, size is 290ml. x 350ml. approx.   (click on picture for larger image)    See Payment Options.    (EE)270911

Price:  £495.00p, NOT AVAILABLE…..

Abraham Hulk Jnr. Water Colour, Landscape Painting

Abraham Hulk Jnr. Water Colour

A very fine 19th Cent. Water Colour Landscape by the famous Abraham Hulk Junior 1851-1922.  Shown here in an ebonised frame, the painting is in good condition but shows a slight smudge to the sky area (hardly noticable).  The landscape scene is of a Lake or a Scottish Loch and is shows the  exceptional quality that the Hulk family of artist’s all seem to possess.     (click on picture for larger image)     See Payment Options.    (H-1)080511


Ginger Cat, Water Colour Paintings Ginger Cat Portraits

Ginger Cat Portrait Paintings

A set of 3 very nice portraits of a ginger cat, all different poses in a tree setting. Expertly painted 20th century water colour paintings/illustrations and signed with the initials A.S. and for sale at a very reasonable price.   (Ideal portrait of your ginger cat!!)   Other pictures/poses can be emailed for you to look at.  (click on picture for larger image)   See Payment Options.     

Price:   £40.00p. NOT AVAILABLE 

Abraham Hulk Senior, Water Colour, Marine Seascape.

Abraham Hulk Snr. Marine Seascape

A captivating and expertly painted water colour marine seascape by the Royal Acadamy listed Artist Abraham Hulk snr. 1813-1897.  This fine water colour shows a large sailing boat on the ocean with sail boats in the back ground, with wonderfully painted cloud formation and sea gulls plus realistic looking waves. This is a superb water colour painting, full of vibrant colours by Abraham Hulk measuring approx. 21inch wide x 17inch high. In a gilded modern frame (slightly distressed) and would benefit from being reframed.   (click on picture for larger image)     See Payment options.      (Y)220511eb

Price: £295.00p, includes P&P.       ... NOT AVAILABLE  

Miniature Oval Portrait Painting of Lord Nelson

Miniature Oval Portrait Painting of Lord Nelson

A very nice miniature ‘water colour’?  portrait painting of Lord Nelson, signed with the initials V.H. and thought to date around 1830-1860, it is framed and glazed in a dark hardwood frame that shows only slight wear or damage to the edge. The painting itself is in good condition with only slight fading to the margin. The frame measures approx. 150ml.x122ml. and the picture measures approx. 108ml.x82ml.  A very nice example of a miniature painting that is around 160 – 180 years old and is good value at this price.   (click on picture for larger image)   See Payment Options.      (K)070511



Sir Thomas Monnington, Water Colour

Attibuted to Sir Thomas Monnington

This painting is circa: 1930′s and is titled on the verso of mount; Sir Thomas Monnington P.R.A.  Garden Shed, Crawley Down.  This is likely to have been painted at Thomas Monnington’s mothers house in Crawley Down, Sussex during the 1930′s and was possibly an unfinished painting or maybe a study for a fuller more detailed painting. It is water colour and wash on thick paper, the size is approx. 400ml. x 350ml. and shows very much the style and detail of Sir Thomas Monnington. Mounted but not framed and is excellent value at this price.  (click on picture for larger image)   See Payment Options.          (L)170810


Marguerite Mcbey Water Colour, Sunset Over Tangier Harbour

Marguerite Mcbey, Sunset over Tangier Harbour

A wonderful water colour by the artist Marguerite Mcbey featuring Tangier Harbour at sunset. This water colour is full of vibrant colours and highlites Marguerite Mcbey’s outstanding artistic talent. Signed M.Mcbey and dated 1971 in the right hand corner, the painting is in wonderful condition but would benefit from being reframed. Marguerite Mcbey was an American who married the celebrated Scottish etcher and painter James Mcbey in the 1930′s and went to live in Morocco where she painted many paintings of local scenes.  The painting size is approx. 330 x 250.  Payment is available by secure Paypal, or by cheque payment, any enquiries please email or Tel: 07988506321.

Price: £680 . 00p   Reduced to  £400.00  inclusive of  p&p mainland U.K. only. SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD